Vacuum Processes, Inc. is a complete turnkey design, manufacturing, service, engineering, research, and installation entity, which provides custom vacuum and thermal process equipment for various industries. Our mission is to provide our customers with the best possible manufacturing and service solution to improve their equipment and process. The solution may be anything from a minor consultation to a complete manufactured piece of equipment and anything in between. We are instituting this policy one customer at a time.

VPI provides temperature and humidity space simulation chambers. VPI also provides high temperature vacuum and atmosphere furnaces (to 3000C). CVD, CVI Reactors, and Fluidized Beds, for various PVD and CVD coating applications. Some furnace examples are for Brazing, Remediation, Induction Melting, Pulse Plasma Nitriding, Gas Nitriding, Powder Metal H2 Debinding, Annealing, HIP, MIM, Heat Treating, Degassing , Research, Drying and Curing. These systems have many components including heating systems, weldments, controls, gas recirculation and quenching.

We also specialize in high volume helium leak detection applications, for tests on any hermetically sealed mechanical or electrical components. Examples may be gas cylinders, hybrid circuits, shock absorbers, radiators, heat exchangers, etc. Medical industries test sample and bulk packaging with these units.

We can also provide vacuum chambers, and weldments, of any size or material, basic vacuum pumping stations and central vacuum and gas systems for industrial and hospital applications. High purity orbital welded gas systems are manufactured in our facility or on a customer’s site.

VPI will also rebuild and refurbish existing equipment to provide more productivity out of older machines. This is sometimes a very cost effective way to expand or increase production. We can also offer our own used equipment, which we refurbish for the customer. A complete line of equipment engineering, components and services are available.

Our new R&D facilities have allowed us to run test processes for our customers. The customer knows that VPI is making an extra effort to solve their process problems, not just push an existing product line, which really is not the answer for the most people. VPI has shown again, the customer comes first.

Mission Statement

To provide coating and surface modification process technology for aerospace and tooling manufacturers in a timely and professional manner and supply reasonably priced quality engineered process equipment.

Vacuum Processes Gives You:

  • Experience in the field of tool and aerospace coatings utilizing Vapor Deposition (CVD & PVD), Electroplating and manufacturing Process Equipment for coating processes.
  • Expertise in Repair Process Techniques for aerospace components.
  • Cumulative experience of over 50 years in coating and repair processes.
  • Thermal process Equipment Fabrication at our own facility or at the affiliated facilities of Vacuum Processing, Inc in Everett, PA.

VPI is the vacuum industry leader and is full of opportunities.
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