Course price is $1,200 a day for up to 10 people of same aptitude (all technicians, engineers, etc.). Class can run up to two days, plus an additional $75 for travel for on-site training, plus expenses.

Vacuum Courses include:

  • Vacuum theory (basic units, conductance, pumping speed, outgassing and more)
  • Vacuum pumps and Oils (rotary piston, rotary vane, roots blowers and oil ejectors)
  • Vacuum gauges (baratrons, thermocouples, ion and cold cathod)
  • Vacuum-joining techniques
  • Vacuum-system design
  • Specific-vacuum systems
  • Open discussion

Other Instructional and Educational Courses:

  • WC-Co tooling substrates
  • Coatings for cutting tools
  • Fluoride-ion cleaning
  • Platinum plating
  • Aerospace diffusion coatings
  • Precious-metal plating (platinum, rhodium, palladium technology)
  • Leak detection techniques and applications
  • Basic leak-detector maintenance
  • Industrial safety
  • compressed gas
  • Cranes and rigging
  • OSHA compatibility
  • Other courses available (consult our engineer)