We can design and fabricate any system for any specific need.

Using the latest industry procedures and technology, Vacuum Processes, Inc. delivers only quality, professional results. Vacuum Processes, Inc. is the industry leader and delivers positive results by working with you to achieve your goals.

Oil and Dry Vacuum Pumps

Our dry vacuum pumps are free of oil lubrication, mechanical seals, has wide internal clearances, and underpins the robust nature of the dry running vacuum pump. We also still serve the industries who need to use oil pumps in their processes.

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Vacuum aand Atmosphere Furnaces

Vacuum Processes, Inc. designs and manufactures high-quality vacuum furnaces with a wide range of sizes for a variety of different applications. These can include heat treating, brazing, sintering, dewaxing/delubing, degassing, and other types. We can also provide other atmosphere style furnaces.

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Vacuum Gauges

VPI offers wide range of vacuum and pressure gauges for all processes. They range from above atmosphere to down to 0- Torr. They can be Convectron, Capacitance, Thermocouple, Pirani, Bayard Alpert, or even standard Bourdon tube style gauges.

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ASME Chambers and Vessels

VPI is certified U fabrication facility, and also an R repair company. We can provide vessels , tanks, chambers, and systems which need to run t high pressures including double wall vacuum vessels for vacuum furnaces and other process reactors. We work with all materials including stainless steel, steel, inconel, aluminum, and others. VPI can also provide fit for service evaluations on existing vessels, and can advise the customer if a repair is prudent or the vessel will need to be replaced.

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CVD/PVD Coating Systems

Thermal process equipment fabrication is performed at our own facility in Everett, PA. We can design and build new systems, or refurbish and modify older CVD or PVD units.

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Control Systems

Vacuum Processes, Inc. is the choice for all of your vacuum-system needs, including advanced-control systems, with data logging, computer interfaces, rebuilding of older control systems to updated NFPA standards.

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Leak Detection

Using the best technology available today, Vacuum Processes can provide helium leak testing at the customer’s site. Vacuum Processes, Inc. is the premiere facility for engineering, sales and service of industrial, high pressure, pressure decay, and vacuum leak-testing equipment and systems.

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Vacuum Degassing

VPI will manufacture and service vacuum degassing equipment for many industries including transformers, capacitors, rubber, plastics, epoxies, x-ray tubes and many others. We have some innovative methods to make sure your final product exudes the quality you require to be the best in your industry.

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