pvdCoatingCoating and Surface Modification Technology

  • Experience in the field of tool and aerospace coatings by utilizing Vapor Deposition (CVD and PVD).
  • Electroplating and manufacturing process with expertise in Repair Process Techniques for aerospace components.
  • More than 50 years experience in coating and repair processes.

Thermal process equipment fabrication at our own facility in Everett, PA.

We have expertise in:

  • CVD wear coatings
  • Platinum plating an general electroplating
  • Fluoride-ion cleaning
  • CVD and “Above-the-pack” gas-phase aluminizing
  • Cathodic arc and magnetron-sputtered PVD coatings
  • High-temperature CVD oxidation-resistant coatings
  • Fume scrubbers and acid treatment systems
  • Heat treat and brazing-furnace fabrication

pvdCoating2Additional services offered include consultation and equipment:

  • CVD-tool coating
  • Tungsten-carbide-cobalt grade engineering and enhancement
  • Fluoride-ion-HF gas cleaning
  • Platinum plating
  • Fume scrubbing
  • Acid waste treatment from CVD processing
  • High-temperature oxidation-resistant coatings for composite material protection
  • CVD, pack and gas-phase aluminizing and siliciding
  • Quality-assurance-system setup
  • Cathodic-arc-physical-vapor deposition
  • Coating stripping

Call us at (814) 652-6767 and discuss if you need assistance in aerospace coatings and repair or tungsten-carbide-tooling technology and we can help you solve the issue.


We provide training classes in most of the above areas focused on:

  • WC-Co-tooling substrates
  • Coatings for cutting tools
  • Fluoride-ion cleaning
  • Platinum plating
  • Aerospace diffusion coatings