Our dry vacuums are free of oil lubrication, mechanical seals, has wide internal clearances, and underpins the robust nature of the dry running vacuum pump.

Advantages are:

  • No effluent or waste disposal costs of any service liquid
  • Uncontaminated and vacuum free from lubricant and service liquid
  • Flexible operation for batch process operations
  • Ease of maintenance with integrated self diagnostics
  • Quiet
  • Low life-cycle costs

Dry Vacuum PumpsDry vacuums satisfy the demand for a robust vacuum pump that can adapt to rapidly changing process conditions that includes liquids, solids and chemical contamination.

High Precision Balanced Twin Rotors – No vibration damper required

Intelligent Speed-Drive Technology – No throttle valve required

Dry Running Pump – No service liquid required

Electronically Synchronized – No gear oil required

High Precision Bearing Design – No maintenance required

Huge Capacity at Atmosphere – No duplex system required

Optimized Clearances – No filter separator required

Synchronized Rotors – No silencer hood required

Low horsepower saves energy.

Oil free is environmentally friendly.

Self-Contained Cabinet Package

High Vacuum Pumps

  • Vertically-oriented and self-draining dry pumps are ideal for industrial processes where a high possibility of liquids or solids are being carried over into the pump.
  • Stand-alone capacity with a broad CFM range, or coupled to a dry-lobe rotary lobed blower, offers endless dry-pumping capacity with minimal maintenance costs.
  • An intelligent drive system that performs ongoing rotor diagnostics is integrated within the pump.
  • An energy-efficient operating platform for variable speed and pressure control, creating a truly green operating vacuum pump.
  • Rotor synchronization permits the gearbox to continually operate free and run quietly without lubrication.
  • Continual torque monitoring that automatically adjusts speed to accommodate liquids, solids, and chemical contamination.

Go green and save energy with dry operating vacuum pumps and systems!