Onsite Maintenance

If you are having an issue with your vacuum system, one of our team technicians can come to you and diagnose the issue and recommend the best course of action for bringing your system back up to speed. this may include fit for service vessel evaluations, helium leak detection, RGA analysis, vacuum pump diagnosis, repair, process improvements, and much more.

vacPumpInstallationSystem Removal & Installation

When the time comes to upgrade your vacuum system, Vacuum Processes, Inc. has you covered. We will come to you and install your new system, and even remove the old one for you. We also purchase and or scrap older equipment as part of our complete service to you. Central vacuum systems, and stand alone, including any piping, manifolds, receivers.


Vacuum Pump Rebuilding

Using the latest procedures and technology in the industry, Vacuum Processes, Inc. delivers only quality and professional results. Whether you need us for parts, fabrication or technical assistance. We are the industry leader and deliver positive results by working with you to achieve your goals. we specialize in large vacuum pumps, blowers, boosters, and diffusion pumps, as our large facility has the capability to handle these types of larger systems. We will still repair items of any size. New and used vacuum pumps include:

  • fabrication of pumping and calibration stations
  • vacuum pump replacement parts, vacuum pump oil, filters, components, valves
  • turbo, diffusion pump, controller and gauge repair and calibration
  • vacuum gauges and computer system controllers
  • rotary piston, rotary vane, roots blowers
Vacuum Pump Parts
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